Koofr changelog
Koofr changelog

Recent updates: Koofr for Android




We just updated Koofr for Android to current version 3.12.0. This update mostly focuses on optimizations for Android 12 and includes improved automatic background media uploads. These changes should improve the overall experience using the app, especially for the newer devices using Android 12.


This is just the very latest in a series of smaller updates in recent months which focused mostly on improving and optimizing existing app features. To bring you up to speed, here's what other recent updates brought to Koofr for Android:

In our August 2021 update, we improved the speed of folder listings, which will make for a smoother experience browsing through folders in the app. Folders and items in folders are now displayed faster when moving up and down the folder structure.

We also improved opening documents in-app via Storage Access Framework, allowing for seamless opening of documents in other apps and saving any potential changes back to Koofr.

In our September 2021 update, we upgraded the file transfer feature to allow for multiple parallel uploads and downloads. The app can now transfer several files between your phone's local storage and your cloud storage simultaneously. This translates into faster batch upload and download and improved productivity.

Release 3.12.0 of Koofr for Android includes all these updates and is already available on Google Play.

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