Koofr changelog
Koofr changelog

New Help and support center





We’ve all got issues sometimes. And our new Help and support center is here to solve the Koofr related ones. :)

If you click on Help and support button below the Main menu of the Koofr web app or select Help and support in the Account Menu of the web app, a new and improved Help and support center will open for you.


We've made it easier for you to Change your account password, Download the Koofr desktop app and Upgrade your account, all in one place.

If you are seeking the answers to Frequently asked questions, want to watch our video tutorials or want to get some quick tips from our blog, you'll now be able to find all of that there.


Get in touch with all of the Koofr communities from one place, contact our support team or report a bug you found.


And if you decide you want to remove your Koofr account? You can also now do it from our Help and support center.

We hope you enjoy this improvement and find it helpful. Let us know what you think of it on our Reddit channel.