Major update of the Koofr desktop client

Our new desktop client is finally here and with it, lots of cool changes. We fixed some annoying bugs as well as changed our syncing process and made it better. We also added some highly requested features, like preserving the original timestamp of files.

Capture - Copy.JPG

The new desktop client brings among others the following changes and enhancements:

  • as mentioned, our sync now preserves the original file timestamp

  • you can now sync files while they are open in other applications (for example files open in MS Office)

  • improved and much faster syncing when handling many smaller files at the same time

  • fixed behaviour causing sync errors to immediately appear when the synced folder is deleted on your computer or in Koofr web application

  • improved handling of very large file syncs (with 50.000 files and more)

  • our sync now detects when files are renamed and does not make additional unnecessary transfers as it did before

  • we improved our Sync icons feature for Windows, which was causing lots of problems to the Windows 10 users in the past

  • we fixed the bug on macOS which sometimes caused an empty window to appear instead of the application

  • we improved hibernate and sleep detection so syncing should now resume immediately after your computer wakes up

  • we improved the algorithm for sync transfer speed calculation to display more accurate speed

  • the desktop client is much more stable overall

and some other various bug fixes that will make your Koofr user experience even better.

The desktop client updated automatically to the new version, so you can already start using it.

We did it with the help of you, our users, who promptly reported your issues to our support team. Some of you also participated in the beta and pre-release testing of our new desktop client for which we are really grateful.

We hope you enjoy our new desktop client. Let us know what you think of it on our Reddit channel.