Koofr search improvements

We’ve made some major changes to our search algorithms. So, what’s new?

  • We now support search in languages using non-Latin scripts (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Arabic etc.)
  • We implemented exact search, meaning you can now search for the specific phrase by putting quotes around the text (if you search for the phrase “my cute cat” our search will find all files with this phrase in their name, but only those which have the exact same word sequence to the searched phrase). You can use exact search and normal search in the same query.
  • You still have to use at least three characters when using search. Since quotes also count as characters, you can use one character when you put it in quotes (see picture below).
  • We fixed a bug in our search, which sometimes affected search results not appearing when they should have.
  • We implemented accent-folding, meaning if you search for the letter "o" our search will also find "ö" and all other variations of the letter and vice versa.
  • And lastly, we improved our search results ranking, meaning we made sure you will get the most relevant search results at the top of your search results window.