Koofr changelog
Koofr changelog

Koofr for Android 3.13.0




This time our new Android release brings a much needed rewrite of the core functionality, which makes it better at coping with all the new Android system quirks. This will ensure a smoother user experience throughout the app.

But more importantly, we sneaked some much requested features into this release as well.

Most notably, you will now find two (actually three) new settings relating to the Auto upload.

a) You can choose the target folder for your auto uploaded media. You are no longer constrained to the predefined My Android media folder.

b) We have provided additional options for fine tuning auto uploads. You can now choose to have photos automatically organized by year (each year will have its own folder inside the auto upload folder) and/or by applications. You can choose to organize by any of the two options, or even both (in which case you will find application subfolders inside each yearly subfolder).


You can find the new Android app on all the standard links: Google Play / Huawei