Koofr app 3.8.0 for Android released

The new release of the Koofr Android app brings improvements to the synchronization process of your Offline files.

You can now choose the synchronization of your Offline files to only be performed while you are connected to a WiFi network.

You will receive a notification when synchronization is in progress and you will have an option to cancel it any time in the notification bar of your Android device.

Apart from that, we also improved access to the files saved in Koofr from other applications. Meaning, for example, you can now open your documents and images directly from Koofr with an appropriate text or image editor.

Finally, users of certain recent Samsung mobile devices will see their problems with the auto-upload feature of new media files fixed.

The new release is already available on Google Play.

We hope you enjoy the updated version of the Android app. Let us know what you think of it on our Reddit channel.