Koofr changelog
Koofr changelog

Introducing Koofr Gift cards with crypto currency purchase options





We have been getting a lot of inquiries about paying for a Koofr paid plan with crypto currencies. Now we have teamed up with German privacy oriented shop Proxystore in order to offer our users an option to purchase Koofr yearly plans with Bitcoin or Monero.

Koofr gift cards from proxystore purchasable with Bitcoin and Monero example redeem page inside app

To make things as easy and as pain free as possible, we have launched a special Gift card program inside Koofr.

So how does it work? Quite simple.

You purchase one or more gift cards on Proxystore or even on their Onion shop. The prices are the same as in our official price list. You will then redeem your Gift card code in the Gift card section of account settings and your account will be upgraded appropriately. You can even apply multiple codes at once.

For example, applying three yearly M gift cards will give you 3 years of the M plan. So no need to worry about extending it each year.

And what is even better, you can send Gift cards to your family and friends for them to redeem, since they can be redeemed on any Koofr account.

Koofr gift cards proxystore plans listing with bitcoin and monero payment options

P.S.: If you live near a Proxystore physical store they will even sell you Gift cards directly for cash.