Increased retention of the Deleted files for paid Koofr accounts

We are glad to inform you, that we increased the retention period of the Deleted files in the paid Koofr accounts. A longer period of retention for the deleted files was commonly requested by you - our users.

Paid users now have 30 days from the moment of deletion to restore their Deleted files with the Undelete action in the Koofr web app.

deleted files.JPG

If you click on the Deleted files in the Main menu of the Koofr web app, you are now also able to see a reminder of your retention period, next to the number of deleted items and their size.

deleted files 2.JPG

You can also still Permanently delete your files before the end of the retention period. Find the Permanently delete button in the top-right corner of the Deleted files in both free and paid Koofr accounts. Please note that the deleted files do not count towards your storage space quota.

Note: The retention period of the Deleted files in the free Koofr accounts is still 7 days.

We hope you enjoy this improvement. Let us know what you think of it on our Reddit channel.