IMPORTANT: Amazon discontinues access to Amazon cloud Drive

On Friday, 6.9.2019, we (and many other services) got notified by Amazon, that they will no longer allow third party applications connecting to their Amazon cloud Drive API from 25. September 2019 onward.

This means, that all Amazon connected drives in Koofr will stop working on that day. Unfortunately, this is a decision Amazon has made, and we have no way around it.

This change will in no way affect any other cloud connection (Dropbox, Google or OneDrive) or Koofr as a whole. You will still be able to use your Amazon Cloud Drive through Amazon's applications, but all third party applications will stop working.

What this means for Koofr users with Amazon drives connections?

  • We will first disable the option for connecting new Amazon drives into Koofr in the following days.

  • All existing connections will continue to work, until Amazon shuts down access (probably on 25.9.2019).

  • After that happens, you will no longer be able to access Amazon drives from Koofr, and you can expect any existing public links to files hosted there to fail and display an error page.

  • Afterwards, all such links and devices will be automatically removed from our service, as they will no longer work.

  • If there are any files you have on Amazon and would like to keep accessing through Koofr, we suggest you copy them to Koofr storage or some other external cloud before the 25. September 2019.

Update from Amazon on 16.9.2019:

They have extended the period, the connected drives will now apparently work until November 2019. See both notes below.

Below, find the original note we got from Amazon:

Your integration to Amazon Drive’s API will be discontinued


On September 25, 2019, Koofr's integration to the Amazon Drive API will be discontinued. Customers of Amazon storage will continue to have access to their content through our first party applications for Amazon Photos and Amazon Drive. Please make arrangements to discontinue all traffic to the Amazon API before September 25, 2019.

Sincerely, The Amazon Drive team

Second Email:


We emailed you on September 6th to inform you that Koofr's API integration with Amazon Drive would be discontinued on September 25, 2019. Given the difficulty of transitioning on this timeline, we are extending access until November 8, 2019. This should allow more time for your users to retrieve their content from Amazon Drive using your application. We will also be emailing any user who has uploaded content with your application, in an effort to make them aware of the upcoming deactivation, and to give them an opportunity to retrieve their data.

We apologize for the impact this has on your application, and thank you for being a developer on our platform.

Amazon Drive