Koofr changelog
Koofr changelog

False "this file is dangerous" warning in browser




When downloading your files from Koofr in the past days, you may have gotten an unpleasant warning from your browser, saying that the files are dangerous and you should not download them.


We would like to assure you that there is nothing wrong with our service or your files.

The reason for Google being unhappy about our service is because there have been various potentially unsafe files shared over public links by some users, which triggered various antiviruses and browsers to flag our whole domain as problematic.



We are working around the clock to get this issue sorted, so the warning should disappear by itself in the following days, but you can still download files by clicking Keep anyway (you may need to first click Show all downloads to get this option).

Because of these issues we will be enforcing our TOS policies with regards to illegal and malicious files being shared over public links more strictly, any malicious file detected and reported by antiviruses or google to us will be blocked and if user is sharing a larger amount of such files his account will be restricted. We will also be adding an option to report a malicious link directly on the link page. We cannot have few malicious users impacting the service quality for everyone else.

Thank you for understanding and if you detect any problematic links from our platform please report them to our support.