Empty trash option now available

We have received many requests for an option to permanently delete files from the Koofr Deleted files section (Empty trash) before the retention period expires. And we made it happen for you.

You will now see a new button in the Koofr Web app Deleted files section imaginatively named Permanently delete. This enables you to immediately remove all files in the Deleted files from our servers.


permanently delete confirm.png

After confirming the permanent deletion, a Job will be created that will scrub files from our servers. Depending on the number of files this can take a few second or more. You can see the progress in the Jobs section.


If you do not manually trigger this process, the files will still be automatically removed after the undelete retention period expires. Also, the files in the Deleted files still do not count towards your usage quota.

WARNING: Please note, this action is final and there is no recovery of files from this point. We have no more copies of them. So make sure to check what you are removing.

Also, when deleting Shared files, they will now only appear in the Deleted files section of the share owner! This means that only the share owner can recover or permanently delete these files.