Koofr changelog
Koofr changelog

Amazon discontinued Koofr access to Amazon Drive





On Saturday, 16th November 2019, Amazon discontinued access from Koofr to Amazon Drive API. In the last week you were only able to see old listings of files which were not updating anymore.

What will happen to my "Amazon Cloud Drive" places in Koofr?

Your "Amazon Cloud Drive" places will be automatically removed from your Koofr account. Also all shared files, folders and links will be removed as they no longer work.

What will happen to my files on Amazon Drive?

Your files are still on Amazon Drive you just cannot access them through Koofr anymore.

How can I move my files from Amazon Drive to Koofr?

Unfortunately we cannot automate this task for you anymore. You should use the official Amazon Drive apps to download your files and upload them to Koofr manually.

Why does Koofr no longer support Amazon Drive?

Unfortunately this is not a decision made by Koofr. Amazon decided to no longer allow third-party applications access to their service. This means many services, including Koofr can no longer connect to Amazon Drive. All other external cloud connections still work and will remain part of the Koofr service.