Security and authentication improvements in Koofr

To start the new year off right we bring you some security and authentication improvements, as well as a new release of the Koofr Android app.

What is new and improved?

  • Our authentication pages are redesigned

Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 18.50.44 - Copy.png

  • Sign in with Google now asks for your Koofr password if you already have a Koofr account with the same email address

  • Sign in with Google now requires a two-step authentication, if enabled on your Koofr account

  • Disabling the two-step authentication in Koofr now requires the user to re-enter their password (or to Sign in with Google) and enter the two-step authentication code

  • You are now able to remove your Sign in with Google connection in your Koofr account's Security settings under Services

What does the Koofr app 3.9.2 for Android bring?

Koofr now support scoped storage on Android 10 and 11 and is thereby allowed even more limited access to the data on your phone.

On the back of this important security measure, the upload and download processes, the media backup and automatic upload have been thoroughly overhauled and improved.

We have also added a way to preserve the GPS info in the photos when uploading them to Koofr. To do that you need to grant the Koofr app the media location access permission when turning on the media upload, along with the permission to access the photos themselves. If you have previously denied the media location access permission, you can turn the automatic media upload off and on again in order for the Koofr app to request the permission again.

Finally, a number of minor bugs, spotted since the previous release were fixed.

All of the mentioned changes are already live and the new Android release is already available on Google Play and Huawei AppGallery.

You can let us know what you think of these improvements on our Reddit channel.

Improving your Koofr account security - together

At Koofr, we strive to provide users with as many features as possible, but safety and security are always at the top of our minds.

We already provide users with options to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) with their account and the use of the application-specific passwords for external applications that do not use our more secure API login. These applications mostly consist of rclone and WebDAV based connections.

We have advocated and suggested the use of application-specific passwords with all such applications instead of your main account password.

This not only prevents your account password from being leaked by a third party but also limits the access of any such application. The apps that use application-specific passwords cannot change the settings, email address or account password, or log into the Koofr web or mobile app.

On January 1, 2021, we are taking this a step further. Logging in with rclone and WebDAV will ONLY be possible with APPLICATION-SPECIFIC PASSWORDS.

Your main password will no longer work for these connections. We suggest you change your settings (if any) for any such application before the January 1st, 2021, to ensure all your connections continue working without interruptions.

If you are using our network drive feature and you enabled it in the Koofr desktop app or have already used the application-specific passwords when setting up your rclone and WebDAV connections, you do not need to do anything, everything will keep on working normally for you.

You can find help on how to create the application-specific passwords in our FAQ or in our video tutorial.

We know this change may cause you an inconvenience, but we believe it will greatly improve the safety of your Koofr account.

You can contact our support or write to our Reddit channel with any additional questions.

Stay safe,

The Koofr team

Koofr app 3.1.0 for iOS released

The much-anticipated update of the Koofr iOS app has finally arrived.

You can now go dark. Or stay bright. Your choice. The dark mode is here. You can turn it on in the Display & Brightness settings of your iOS device.


We listened to your requests and brought thumbnail previews of your PDF files to the tile view.


Also, some bugs and annoyances were fixed. Thank you for all of the reports.

The new release is already available on App Store. You can let us know what you think of it on our Reddit channel.

Koofr app 3.8.12 for Android released

The new release of the Koofr Android app is here. We reviewed your experience in the Koofr Android app and added a few things to make it even better.

What is new?

  • extended actions are now available on every file in the List view


  • an Open folder action is now available for the files in Recent files and for those that appear in the search results

  • we added a file details dialogue, which opens if you select Info from the extended file actions


  • an improved sharing dialogue, showing you recently used apps on top, and
  • the initial media backup dialogue now lets you choose whether you want to back up your existing videos, images or both.


The new release is already available on Google Play and on Huawei AppGallery. You can let us know what you think of it on our Reddit channel.

Koofr integrates with Microsoft Office for the web

Have you always wanted to work on Microsoft Office documents directly from your Koofr account? Now you can.

By clicking on the Add button in the main window of the Koofr web app, you can now create new Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.


The right-click menu includes the option to open existing document files in Office in a browser - in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.


You are also able to collaborate with other Koofr users in real-time on documents shared with the Add people option.

Note: You can only open, create and edit Office files if you have a paid Koofr account.

Read more on our website and, like always, you can let us know what you think of this new feature on our Reddit channel.

Koofr app 3.8.10 for Android released

We've made some improvements and released the 3.8.10 version of the Koofr Android app.

The 3.8.10 release brings a fix for the bug that affected the access to local files, including the ability to download files, upload local files, and perform automatic media uploads on Android devices running Android 10+, that have had the Koofr app installed for the first time ever after 18.9.2020.

The new release is already available on Google Play and on Huawei AppGallery.

We apologize for the inconvenience if this bug hit you and, like always, you can let us know what you think of the new release on our Reddit channel.

See thumbnail previews of your PDF files in Koofr

Another highly-requested feature from the users' wishlist is here. You are now able to see the thumbnail previews of your PDF files in Koofr.


The thumbnail previews are available in the tile view of the Koofr web app and Android app, making it even easier for you to quickly find the PDFs you are searching for.

Additionally, we made scrolling through the files in the Koofr Android app a bit easier. Due to popular demand, you will now return to your previous position when navigating back to the parent folder.

We hope you enjoy these improvements. Let us know what you think of them on our Reddit channel.

See the detailed file information and the space stats for your account

Have you always wanted to see the exact size, type, modified date and full name for each one of your files and folders in one place? Now you can.

Select a file or folder and click on the Info button in the Editing Menu. The Item info will open on the left side of your screen.


See the icon indicating the file type or the thumbnail preview in case of a picture or a video file, check who you are sharing your files and folders with or see the URLs and passwords for your Upload and Download links here.


We also bring you a highly requested feature from our users’ wish list – the Space stats for your Koofr account.

You can now see the used/available space in the bottom left corner of your account, below the Main Menu, at all times.


We hope you enjoy these new options. Let us know what you think of them on our Reddit channel.

Koofr app 3.8.0 for Android released

The new release of the Koofr Android app brings improvements to the synchronization process of your Offline files.

You can now choose the synchronization of your Offline files to only be performed while you are connected to a WiFi network.

You will receive a notification when synchronization is in progress and you will have an option to cancel it any time in the notification bar of your Android device.

Apart from that, we also improved access to the files saved in Koofr from other applications. Meaning, for example, you can now open your documents and images directly from Koofr with an appropriate text or image editor.

Finally, users of certain recent Samsung mobile devices will see their problems with the auto-upload feature of new media files fixed.

The new release is already available on Google Play.

We hope you enjoy the updated version of the Android app. Let us know what you think of it on our Reddit channel.

Send a custom message with your Koofr sharing links

We listened to your feedback and implemented an often requested option of adding a custom message to the download and the upload links in the Koofr web app.

You can now to add a custom message containing up to 200 characters to your Send link and Receive files links.

Capture2 - Copy (2).JPG

When a person opens your link, your message will appear on their screen as a Message from link creator.


They will also have the option to hide the message by clicking on the Message icon on the left side of the screen or on the Hide button on the right side of the screen.


Note: This option is only available in the paid Koofr accounts.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. Let us know what you think of it on our Reddit channel.